The already huge assortment of the electronics manufacturer Xiaomi has been replenished with another original gadget. The Youpin crowdfunding site has launched a campaign to raise investments for the PrinterPods pocket printer. The idea of ​​the device is that it can be used to print pictures on almost any object and surface.

According to Xiaomi, PrinterPods allows you to apply images to cups, computers, clothing, leather and more. At the same time, the device can also be used as a traditional printer, printing text on plain paper. PrinterPods use a special ink that is not afraid of moisture and is easily applied to any surface without smudges and the need for prolonged drying. In this case, the surface on which the pattern is applied does not have to be flat.

The body length of the gadget is only 95 millimeters. An ink cartridge is installed inside the PrinterPods. Xiaomi's range of inks ranges from ultra-durable to edible and visible exclusively when exposed to ultraviolet light.

The cost of the new item is $ 72.


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